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Filmmakers have shown us the inside of a beating heart, infiltrated future alien cultures and condensed a billion years of evolution into 30 seconds. Yet until now, they’ve been unable to capture or even convincingly simulate one of the most common and profound moments of human experience: the beautiful agony of the Orgasm.

Beautiful Agony is open to everyone over the age of 18 years. All genders and identities are welcome.

You are going to film what really happens to the human face in that ecstatic moment. We don’t care how you do it; who, or what you use to achieve it; the single purpose of the project is to capture the real thing.

A Beautiful Agony submission comprises 2 orgasm videos, and a self-made Confessions interview.

Beautiful Agony is an alternative to mainstream erotica and we are especially interested in submissions from people who have no experience at all in the adult industry. If you're an adult performer or sex worker, you are equally welcome, but as yourself, rather than your adult persona.

Here's how to submit to Beautiful Agony:

  1. Go through the checklist below carefully. Better to spend a few minutes getting really familiar with the requirements now, than have to do your shoot over because you missed something important.
  2. Film your Agony (2 orgasm videos, filmed separately) and Confessions.
  3. Take some ID photos to include in your Upload. It's helpful if you name them "ID01" and "ID02" etc.
  4. Fill out and submit the Release form.
  5. Follow the instructions for uploading your shoot.

A Feck representative will call or email you when we've had a look over your videos. They will arrange payment, or let you know if there's a problem with your submission that needs fixing first.

For revealing your intimate self, we'll pay you the amount shown on this page. Payment will normally be made by your preferred payment method within 1-2 business days of acceptance.

Before you begin, go through this checklist.

"CONFESSIONS" interview

Here's where you give us the sauce! We want to hear everything about your journey from wide eyed innocent to the sophisticated being who's donating their orgasm to the collective sexual consciousness.

The suggested topics of conversation are on the next page. Meanwhile, set yourself up:

The sugar is all in the detail.

Example of a bad answer: “One time my mother caught me masturbating”

A much better answer is the full story: ”When I was a teenager I was masturbating on the couch watching Secretary and I didn’t hear the front door. Suddenly my mother was standing there like she’d seen an alien, I’ll never forget her face. She made a weird noise then ran upstairs and I just had to leave the house, and I didn’t come back until the next day, I was so embarrassed. We never ever spoke about it and I couldn't masturbate for months after that!”

Your Confessions will be edited, and if we can't fit everything in, we'll use your most interesting and unique insights and stories. If you stumble on a phrase or story, simply take a breath, and start again from the previous sentence. Our editors will fix it!

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